911 The End of Western Civilization

911 breaks my heart. The attacks and the never-ending war on terror that resulted has claimed the lives of 7,000 American soldiers, 3,000 American civilians, 88,000 terrorists, and 31,000 foreign civilians, unofficially, I'm sure. Our government has tortured enemies, bombed hospitals and schools, sentenced alleged terrorists to life in prison without trial, turned into a police state that spies and abuses its own people, set the stage for the rise of ISIS, which resulted in mass refugees in Europe, which set the stage for Putin thinking he can take over the West while China starts a economic New World Order. Our people have been maimed and beheaded, and terrorized to the point that we see the enemy everywhere we look. We have fallen so far that Nazism is trying to go mainstream and because Latinos have the same color of skin as Muslims we lock their babies in dog cages and call that humane. Osama Bin Laden is not the Antichrist. He is dead. He's not in some Heaven banging virgins. None of them are left with the passing of Hugh Hefner, Prince and Lemmy. His ideology and our military industrial complex are sharing toasts of the blood that is being steadily poured into sacred Earth. Bid Laden might be the only person in history to win a war by losing it. And that would make us the only country in history to lose a war by winning it.

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