Paul DeThroe is a dark fiction author. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, with his children. His novels include The Devil’s Prophet (2012) & Suffer the Witch (To be re-released in 2017).

Darker than Black, DeThroe’s first collection in a series of dark fiction collections was released in 2015. His take on dystopia & speculative fiction, Nightmare Worlds, was published in 2016. Wicked Witches, Devils & Dragons appeared in 2017, and Twisted Tech, DeThroe’s collection of short science fiction stories will be published in 2018.

DeThroe is currently working on a futuristic sci-fi/dystopia called The Last Demigod, which will likely be published in 2018.

Born and raised in Manchester, Kentucky, DeThroe survived a lightning strike when he was 8. This event opened his imagination to the fantastical and set him on the creative and spiritual path he now travels.

Other events that shaped his young mind were witnessing the local coroner exhume the decomposed bodies of two people whose antiquated flesh had already turned to dust, finding his older brother lying dead in a pool of blood after an aneurysm, and living in several haunted/possessed dwellings.

When Paul DeThroe writes about dark things that terrify most folks, best believe that he has lived it, studied it and practiced it.

Pau; was formerly educated at Clay County, Kentucky schools, Cincinnati State Community College and Indiana State University.  He has worked as a camera/darkroom operator, film stripper, printer, production manager, and served as a soldier. His main duties now include raising his children, writing, creating art and hustling his works of terror and intrigue to an unsuspecting public.

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