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The Top 20 songs of 2020, aka, How I Survived the Lock Down Year (20-11)

20 ROLLING STONES - Living in a Ghost Town

The Stones, couldn’t have picked a better time than 2020, during lockdown no less, to release this stone cold rocker!

19) OPIUM DOOM CULT- Black Lung-of the Distant City Suffering

A super heavy song from Cincinnati based doom metal band ODC's newest effort, Tremors to Signal the End, that can be viewed as prophetic for the times we live in. Well done Allen Scott and the rest of the band!

18) ACCEPT– Too Mean to Die

Not impressed with their first single, Undertaker, Too Mean to Die is much better. Heavy and uncompromising, the way Accept should sound.

17) BARONESS + MUTOID MAN + TOWER cover Boston’s “Foreplay / Long Time” (Covid collaboration)

I discovered this song scrolling through Youtube during lockdown. Was blown away by the singer, Sarabeth Linden, and her own band, New York based Tower, which I discovered after hearing this. I’m really hoping Tower spent their lockdown year making new music.

16) SLIFT • Ummon

I don’t know what genre to call this French hard rock band, but their music led me down a rabbit hole I didn’t mind crawling into. I don't think its possible to tune a guitar lower, distort it and feed it back more, and still be musical.

15) ARO - Shared Something With The Night

Amy, the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, is their one kid most beholden of talent. Perceived as shy for not appearing on her mum & dad’s reality show, she dispelled those rumors with this emotional, in your face, gem.

14) DEVILSKIN – Corrode

Devilskin are a New Zealand 4 piece metal band, that’s been around for a decade. I discovered them recently. They possess a super heavy sound, play guitar solos, and sport a singer with some serious pipes that effortlessly brings about goosebumps.

13) ROB ZOMBIE - The Triumph of King Freak

Zombie is one of those bands you either love or hate. I still gravitate to his older work, but this was a nice return to form.

12) ALEX SKOLNICK– Wear a Fucking Mask

Skolnick, in my opinion, is the best guitarist in the world. A thrash metal superstar, and a superb jazz guitarist as well, HE decided 2020 would be the year he’d become a rapper. Well done, Alex!